The Department of Physics

The Department of Physics started its activity just as the faculty of Sciences was built and established. The department accepted students first in 1979 and then expanded its activities nine years later with adding sub-majors. Currently, 497 students are studying at the department. The number of papers written by the department's faculty members was 232 the last time it was checked in 2014. 188 of the mentioned papers were published in ISI journals. Also, the number of accepted papers written by the faculty members is 492.


Head of the Department

Dr. Meysam Bagheri Tagani

Associate Prof.



Programs offered
 Condensed Matter Physics BSc., MSc. & PhD
 Nuclear Physics BSc., MSc. & PhD
 Atomic And Molecular Physics BSc., MSc. & PhD
 Particle Physics, Cosmology and Astrophysics BSc.
 Astronomical Physics and Gravitational MSc. & PhD
 Meteorology BSc.
 Particle Physics And Quantum Field Theory MSc. & PhD
 Photonics MSc.
 Mathematical Physics PhD


 Faculty Members


 Dr. Saeed Mahdavifar

 Dr. Ali Mortezapour

 Dr. Abbas Ghasemizad

 Dr. Alireza Sadrmomtaz

 Dr. Elham Hosseini Lapasar

 Dr. Amin Aminian

 Dr. Esfandiyar Rajaei

 Dr. Farhad Esmaeili Ghodsi

 Dr. Hamid Rahimpour Soleimani

 Dr. Hossein Farajollahi

 Dr. Hamid Reza Mashayekhi

 Dr. Hanif Hadipour

 Dr. Hossein Mahmoudi

 Dr. Hossein Panahi Talemi

 Dr. Jamal Mazloom

 Dr. Komeil Babaee Valani

 Dr. Majid Seyfi

 Dr. Mansour Eslami

 Dr. Mohammad Oskouian

 Dr. Mohammad Rozati

 Dr. Mohammadreza Mohammadi Mozafar

 Dr. Nader Rasuli

 Dr. Peyvand Taherparvar

 Dr. Saber Farjami Shayesteh

 Dr. Reza Saffari

 Dr. Saeed Jafari

 Dr. Saeid Batebi

 Dr. Yaser Tavakolli


 Dr. Soheil Khoshbinfar

 Dr. Meysam Bagheri Tagani