The Department of Biology

The Department of Biology began its activities right after the Faculty of Sciences was built and established at the University of Guilan. The department accepted its first students in 1979. Currently, the department has the following sub-majors: Bachelor Programs in Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Marine Biology and Cellular and Molecular Biology. Master Programs in Animal Biosystematics, Biology of Marine Animals, Plant Physiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Plant Systematic and Ecology, Developmental Biology and Plant Systematic. PhD programs in Biology of Marine Animals, Biochemistry and Plant Systematic. The department's faculty members have published more than 397 papers in the academic journals, 210 of which were published in ISI Journals. Also, the department members have 726 papers accepted in the national and international conferences.


Head of the Department

Dr. Farzam Ajamian

Assistant Professor



Programs offered

 Plant Sciences BSc.
 Animal Sciences BSc.
 Marine Biology BSc.
 Cellular and Molecular Biology BSc.
 Animal Biosystematics MSc.
 Biology of Marine Animals MSc. & PhD
 Plant Physiology MSc.
 Genetics MSc.
 Biochemistry MSc. & PhD
 Plant Systematic and Ecology MSc.
 Developmental Biology MSc.
 Plant Systematic PhD


 Faculty Members


 Dr. Farzam Ajamian

 Dr. Akbar Noraste Nia

 Dr. Ali Bani

 Dr. Behrouz Heydari

 Dr. Farhad Mashayekhi

 Dr. Hamidreza Vaziri

 Dr. Hossein Ghafouri

 Dr. Hossein Javan Bakht

 Dr. Jonat Sarmad

 Dr. Kobra Seyam

 Dr. Mahdi Rasa

 Dr. Mahmoudreza Aghamaali

 Dr. Mansour Afshar Mohammadian

 Dr. Marziye Bigam Faghir

 Dr. Mohammad Haseli

 Dr. Mohammad Javad Mehdipour Moghadam

 Dr. Mohsen Asghari

 Dr. Mostafa Shourian

 Dr. Nader Shabani Pour Dahbane

 Dr. Reyhaneh Sariri

 Dr. Shahriyar Saeedi Mehrvarz

 Dr. Soheyla Talesh Sasani

 Dr. Zivar Salehi

 Dr. Hojjatollah Zamani Almani

 Dr. Shirin Shahangian

 Dr. Fatemeh Ghasemiyan

 Dr. Fatemeh Safari

 Dr. Akram Sadat Naeemi