Department of Arabic Language and Literature

The department started its activites in 1993 by accepting undergraduate students studying Teaching Arabic Language and Literature. In 2009, the first M.A. students were registered and now 65 M.A. students are studing Arabic Language and Literature. Currently, the department has 7 full-timed faculty members with 140 students enrolled. 579 students have graduated from the department so far.


Arabic Language Laboratory

The department has a language laboratory with the capacity of 25 students which is used mostly for Arabic listening courses.


Head of the Department

Dr. Esmaeil Hosseini Ajdad Niaki

Assistant Professor



Programs offered
 Arabic Language and Literature BSc.
 Arabic Language and Literature MSc.


 Faculty Members

 Dr. Esmaeil Hosseini Ajdad Niaki

 Dr. Mohammadreza Hashemloo

 Dr. Akram Rakhshandehniya


 Dr. Farhad Rajabi

 Dr. Akram Roshanfekr

 Dr. Hadi Shabani

 Dr. Omid Jahanbakht