Faculty of Management and Economics commenced educational activities at the University of Guilan

17 10 2023
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In the establishment ceremony of the Faculty of Management, Dr. Najafi, chancellor of the university stated that the department of management at the University of Guilan is one of the oldest educational departments of this university, enrolling students in bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. degrees for years. Also, this department offers courses in different fields such as strategic management, finance, marketing and production and operations management. It is worth noting that the Department of Economics and Accounting has branched off from the Department of Management since 2019 and currently accept undergraduate and graduate students, with more than a thousand students, including international students are currently studying at this department.

He also mentioned that the newly stablished faculty holds courses in the undergraduate level (industrial management, business management, economic sciences, accounting), in the master's level (production and operations management, financial management, strategic management, marketing management, accounting, theoretical economics) and in Ph.D. level (Industrial Management - Production and Operations Management, Business Management - Business Policy Management).

Dr. Najafi elaborated on the future plannings of this faculty to launch the bachelor's and master's degree programs in financial management, Ph.D. degree in industrial management - industrial strategy, and Ph.D. degree in human resource management and organizational behavior

The Chancellor, stated that considering the society's need for interdisciplinary expertise in various managerial and economic fields, interdisciplinary trends such as marine economy, waste management, etc. should be launched in this university.

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