Expert meeting on “Iran studies in Yerevan State University” at University of Guilan

15 06 2022
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In this meeting Dr. Abbas Panahi, Faculty member of The Guilanology Research Center, mentioned the importance of Caucasus in regional relations of Iran with Caucasus and Russia, meanwhile emphasized on cultural-historical relations of Iran and Armenia and Armenian's influences on Iranian history and culture. In this section of the meeting, he spoke on Iranian studies in Armenia with a focus on Iranian studies in Yerevan State University. Moreover, Prof. Vardan Voskanyan expressed his gratitude for holding this meeting and presented a comprehensive report on historical process of Iranian studies in Armenia. Additionally, he mentioned the names of some Iranian and Armenian scholars who contributed a great deal of endeavors to introduce Iranian history and culture to Armenian. On top of that, emphasizing on the role of university of Guilan in inter-university relations, he spoke on the background of Iranian studies at his university in the fields of linguistic studies in Caspian region, specially Talysh, Gilaki and Mazanderani languages.

During the meeting, Yaser Karam Zadeh, Ph.D candidate of linguistics at State University of Yerevan presented a report on the roles of his university in the field of Iranian studies.

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