Three members of the academic members of University of Guilan appeared in the list of most cited Iranian researchers of %1 the world in ESI 2023

18 11 2023
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According to the results announced by the Science and Technology Citation and Monitoring Institute (ISC), three faculty members of the University of Guilan are in the list of the top one percent most cited researchers in the world, extracted from the Basic Science Indicators (ESI) database belonging to Clarivit Analytics (WOS).

According to the announced results, Dr. Reza Ansari Khalkhali an academic member of the Faculty of Mechanics in the multidisciplinary field, Dr. Farhad Shirini is an academic member of the Faculty of Sciences in the field of Chemistry, and Dr. Mohammad Ali Mirzazadeh an academic member of Faculty of Technology and Engineering in the field of engineering (Eastern Guilan) were among the top one percent of the world's most cited Iranian researchers.

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