The University of Guilan at the international scientific event of the universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq

08 10 2023
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The first major scientific event "Scientific Week of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq" was held with the presence of Dr. Ahmed Abd Zahad, Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Iraq, Dr. Haddadi Asl, Deputy Minister of Science, Research, and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran in International Affairs, and representatives of 60 universities from two countries Mashhad.

Introducing the capabilities and scientific and research capacities and explaining the most important achievements of scientific and technological cooperation, examining the perspectives of cooperation and coordination between the universities of the two countries, consolidating the atmosphere of scientific cooperation, and developing joint scientific programs regarding the variety of knowledge and scientific discoveries in various fields are on the agenda of the participants in this summit.

At this scientific conference, there was a discussion and exchange of views about the joint work file in the fields of scientific research and cooperation programs of academic institutions of Iran and Iraq. Also, to expand and improve scientific and technological relations, implement joint research projects, and develop joint cooperation between the scientific and research centers of the two countries, it was decided that the participating universities, while consulting with their counterparts, provide the conditions for concluding a cooperation agreement.

Dr. Mehdi Hedayati Shahidani, the director of international scientific cooperation of the university, as the representative of the University of Guilan at this event, announced that the university is prepared to conclude a cooperation agreement with Baghdad University, Karbala University, Mostansariyeh University, Mustaf University, Basra University of Technology, Mosul University, Maysan University, Farahidi University and Anbar University of Education to conduct joint theoretical, applied and fundamental research, as well as accepting postgraduate students and collaborating with postdoctoral researchers (faculty members and graduates).


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