The Marine Engineering (Engine) program has been added to the University of Guilan's programs

03 09 2023
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The Marine Engineering (Engine) program was added to the academic courses of the university after concluding a memorandum of understanding between the Administration of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Gilan and The University of Guilan. This year and for the first time, the University of Guilan accepts 20 students in the academic year 2023-24 through the national exam at the undergraduate level.

The students in this field spend the initial years of their studies at The University of Guilan’s main campus and will be transferred to Bandar Anzali city in the higher semesters after equipping and setting up the building of the Modern Maritime Faculty of The University of Guilan in the city. It is worth noting that 70% of the offered courses in this field are shared with mechanical engineering, and 30% of the specialized courses are instructed by experienced seafarers, captains, and chief engineers who are currently cooperating with the Administration of Ports and Maritime Affairs in the seafarer’s affairs department. With the arrangements made, The University of Guilan will use the capacity of other educational centers in the province for the marine engine mechanics workshop and the potential of Caspian Shipping Company ships will also be used for student internships. The establishment of the Faculty of Modern Marine Science and Technology in Bandar Anzali is the next step for training seafarers needed by the country. Also, Iran is a member of the International Convention on Educational Standards (STCW), so Iranian seafarers have the possibility to work on international ships with their qualifications.  

Accepted students will continue their studies in the Faculty of Modern Marine Science and Technology in Bandar Anzali and Rasht.

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