The scientific meeting "Business ideas in waste management based on international experiences"

27 11 2022
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The scientific meeting "Business ideas in waste management based on international experiences" was held with lecturing of Dr. Abu Ali Golzari (academic member of the University of Science and Technology) on Saturday, November 21, 1401 at Hekmat Amphitheater of the Faculty of. In this meeting, which was attended by professors, researchers and students, international experiences in the field of waste management and trade were discussed. Dr. Golzari noted that, before any action in the field of waste trade in any region or country, it is necessary to determine the percentage of its waste composition. Based on the surveys and available statistics, the composition of waste production in Iran is different from other countries, especially European countries. In Iran, more than 70% of waste production is "wet" (organic waste), while in Europe, most of it is dry, although this amount is often not recognized as waste, it is considered as resources. He admitted that the beginning and end of the waste management cycle in Iran was defective and led to unstable development. Therefore, in order to improve it, there is a need to change behavior in order to increase environmental responsibilities, sensitivities and activities. Because, despite various and sufficient upstream regulations, this important thing has not been done well in the country and has led to the formation of the urban waste black market mafia. He added that the specialized view of the waste issue by the institutions in charge can lead to better understanding and planning, which is not possible through the organization of municipalities and rural districts of the country. Therefore, it is necessary (similar to what happened in water and sewage management) to entrust the responsibility of urban waste in the country to a specialized institution. In this meeting, setting up a recycling town in the border area of ​​Gilan and Qazvin provinces and transporting waste by rail for recycling was also presented as the options to solve the problem of waste management in the province. It was also stated that with this action, it will be possible to provide the necessary equipment and infrastructures through a private investor and it will lead to sustainable development.

In this meeting, ideas were raised in the field of industrial and agricultural waste trade with an emphasis on wood waste. It was also pointed out that the role of the university in this field can be focused on education and research related to waste management, including public culture building, holding scientific meetings and establishing communication between governmental institutions and social layers. The meeting ended with answers to the questions of the participants in person and online. It is worthwhile to mention that the recording of this meeting is available to those interested through the website of the international scientific cooperation office of university of Guilan.

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