The central laboratory of the University of Guilan was nationally ranked 22nd by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology

20 08 2023
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According to the latest ranking of the national laboratories by the office of the Vice President of Science and Technology, the central laboratory of the University of Guilan was ranked 222nd nationally and 2nd among the central laboratories of comprehensive universities of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), and placed among the top 1% central laboratories of the MSRT.

The central laboratory of The University of Guilan, acquiring qualifications such as ISO 17025 laboratory, the Standard organization’s partner, customs authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Food and Drug Trustee, Environment Trustee, Transgenic Trustee, etc., aims to expand the provision of specialized and knowledge-based services at the provincial, regional and international levels and with diversification in branding and diversifying the unique income of the university, by providing suitable infrastructure and establishing management requirements and employing capable personnel in various fields of agriculture and food, meat and dairy products, cosmetics and health, Water and beverages, alloy, polymer, chemical, mineral products, and etc. Equipped with dozens of strategic and valuable devices in specialized fields, while welcoming the provision of scientific services to students, professors, researchers, and regional and national scientific and industrial centers, it is ready to enter into contracts and provide services to national and international businessmen, industrial companies and executive bodies.

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