University of Guilan ranked among the top 15 universities in Iranian universities ranking by ISC

14 07 2021
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In the latest ranking of Iranian universities published by ISC (2020), University of Guilan was ranked among the top 15 universities in Iran. The ranking of universities and research institutes of Iran has been done based on the criteria set by the exclusive task group appointed by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology. With this new methodology, 103 Iranian universities were evaluated and ranked, based on the following criteria: Education (30%), Research (25%), Technology and Innovation (20%), Internationalization (10%), Economic Impact (10%), and Social Services, Infrastructure, and Facilities (5%). For this purpose, performances of each university in the period 2016-2018 were carefully evaluated. The aforementioned criteria were divided into main and sub sections and each university was evaluated separately.


For more information regarding the methodology used for this new ranking system, please refer to the following links:

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