Meeting Between University of Guilan Officials and Student

21 05 2022
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Hekmat Conference Hall hosted a seminar between university officials and students. At this gathering, Dr.Farid Najafi, UG President, expressed his delight in such meetings with the students. He regarded the reopening of universities after two years of online education as a betterment. However, due to the time limits, it will have its shortcomings.

For its vast audience and service diversity, such as dormitories, transportation, and cafeteria, UG President, differentiated the reopening of the universities from other organizations demanding students' assistance toward a desirable situation.

He regarded the students and the academics as intellectuals of society. While welcoming constructive suggestions, he urged problem-solving by available facilities.

UG President emphasized the importance of obeying university laws and regulations. He regarded the consultation between the students and university officials as beneficial. While addressing the student issues, such as dormitories and cafeterias, and measures taken in these fields, he noted that reaching a desirable situation needs time and proficient cooperation between the students and university management.

It should be noted that, in this gathering, the students' representatives and guild council addressed the issues on transportation, cafeteria, dormitories, and internet. Then, the vice- chancellors mentioned the measures taken and answered their questions in their respective fields.


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