The first festival of Shahnameh recitation in Guilanology Research Center

15 06 2022
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The first festival of Shahnameh recitation was held following the hardworking and collaboration of Guilanology Research Center and Ferdowsi Cultural Institute of Guilan. In this event, 700 works by participants from Iran, Germany, Netherland, Delhi, Ukraine, Frankfort were received.

After referring of the virtual part, participations entered into the face-to-face and final part. It is worthwhile to mention that children and women participated in face-to-face competition at in Guilanology Research Center in May 16 and 17, respectively.

Finally, the conclusion was held in May 18, conceding the Khayam's commemoration day and the final results were announced. Also, the virtual part of the competition will be refried in coming days.

At the conclusion ceremony, Mahmoud Ranjbar, head of the Guilanology Research spoke on the importance of commemorating Persian Language and Ferdowsi's great piece the Shahnameh and said all the nations worldwide spend a great amount of expenses on preservation of their standard language because language means the focus on culture and it is not just a communicational device but a complex of knowledge and culture. He also added that one of the valuable gestures in our country is to encourage children and teenagers to read Shahnameh and Guilanology Research center promise to fulfill whatever needed in order to preserve this custom and develop it in the society.

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