The speech of the Rector of the University of Guilan at the conference "Caspian: Ways of Sustainable Development" and the meeting of the Research and Technology Commission of the Association of State Universities and Research Centers of the Caspian Sea Region Countries

07 06 2023
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Dr. Farid Najafi, Rector of the University of Guilan, gave an online speech at the international conference "Caspian: Ways of Sustainable Development" as well as the meeting of the Research and Technology Commission of the Association of State Universities and Research Centers of the Caspian Sea Region Countries, which was held on May 9 and 10 at the Astrakhan State University of Russia.

As a special guest of the "Internationalization of Higher Education in Caspian Sea Countries" panel of the aforementioned meeting, he noted now it is time to accelerate our movement towards fourth-generation universities by applying education and research. The accelerating drivers in this field are the use of international scientific cooperation to address common problems and create constructive international partnerships based on wisdom, science, and technology, along with innovation to deal with national and international problems. Because without a doubt, scientific diplomacy is a prelude to political, economic, and social diplomacy and provides the basis for the growth and prosperity of the countries of the region.


Dr. Najafi summarized his speech in three areas: "Development of international practical plans", "Diversification of student exchange between member universities of the Association" and "Strengthening professor exchange programs". He also noted that adapting research to needs is one of the desired goals of higher education in every country and in this way, they try to use the existing capacities optimally. Regarding the "diversification of the student exchange program", he said, it is recommended to carry out this program in different academic fields (such as technology and engineering fields, agricultural sciences, environment, etc.). He also added that another program that can play an effective role in achieving the educational and research goals of the countries in the region is the professor exchange program. The exchange of professors between universities, in addition to sharing knowledge and experience between researchers, will also lead to the formation and strengthening of the scientific network of researchers in the region.

In the end, in response to the question about the experience of the University of Guilan in the student exchange program with Astrakhan State University, he said the University of Guilan has a long history of student exchange with this University. The University of Guilan hosted 77 Persian language students between the years 2003 and 2022. Also, during the years 2009 and 2017, 58 Russian language students from the University of Guilan were sent to Astrakhan State University for a 3-month course, which is almost unprecedented in the region. Also, he added, as the Iranian secretariat and on behalf of all the Iranian universities that are members of the Association, I hope that the inter-university cooperation of the members of the Association will be expanded even more.

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