The miniature electrospinning machine model was made by an academic member of the University of Guilan

12 06 2023
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The miniature electrospinning machine model was designed and built for the first time in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Guilan by Dr. Arash Montazeri, an academic member of the Nanotechnology Department.

This can be used by universities, research institutes, research centers, medical centers, and industries for producing all kinds of nanofibers and wound dressings. Compared to similar devices, this device is smaller and lighter with the same efficiency and needs much less space.


It is a laboratory electrospinning machine for producing polymer/carbon/ceramic nanofibers with a diameter of 50 nm to several microns. This device is made of a metal and plastic body, syringe pump, spinning system, collector system, and high voltage power supply source. It provides appropriate safety measures for users while working with high-voltage sources and chemical solvents.

By using this device, it is possible to check the effect of changes in polymer solution injection speed, nozzle movement speed, electrospinning distance, drum rotation speed, etc. on the final properties of polymer nanofibers and obtain optimal conditions in the least possible time.


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